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Cashflow More Deals,
Win Bigger Deals

With a long-term investor partner that keeps you in control

Have Capital Ready

Be prepared with a down payment to capitalize on the next opportunity

preserve working capital

Don’t let one or two deals erode your cash position

Avoid Tough Tradeoffs

Don’t pass up good investments or the must-have farm

Remain in the Driver Seat

You choose how long the partnership lasts. You control how to farm.

Fractal field pattern

How does Fractal work?

Unlock equity in the land you own to cashflow more & bigger opportunities

How are farmers using Fractal?

Secure rented acres

“My landlord decided to sell, and I couldn’t put a deal together. My operation just shrunk by 500 acres.”

– IL Farmer, 5K acres

Win Big Chunky land Deals

“Land is selling in bigger and bigger chunks. Financing deals is even harder without eating into working capital.”

– ND Farmer, 3.5K acres

Grow Your Land Base Faster

“More and more land is coming for sale. It’s a once in a generation opportunity.”

  – MT Farmer, 20K acres

Fractal field pattern

How does Fractal invest in you?

Fractal takes a minority position in a field you own

  • Accesses land appreciation or depreciation
  • Charges flexible annual premiums
  • Invests over a 10 year term

You remain in control of your land

  • You stay on the title
  • You decide how best to farm
  • Buy out Fractal at any point after two years or roll over the investment at the 10 year term

Have capital ready

Take 15 minutes to get an investment offer

Pick a few fields

Identify fields you own for equity investment

Get offer

Receive field valuations and Fractal investment offer

Get Approved

Submit farm financials to verify financial health

Access Capital

Accept Fractal offer and access capital when you need it

Fractal field pattern

Frequently asked questions

Fractal is available across the Greater Midwest and Southeast US with a focus on commodity row crop production.

Fractal partners with institutional investors who aim to gain exposure to farmland. These investors are attracted to the stability of farmland returns and believe that co-investing alongside farmers can better reduce risk while generating greater financial upside. Put simply, these investors fundamentally believe that farmers are best positioned to drive farmland returns – all while keeping farmland in the hands of farmers.

Fractal values the land and makes an offer based off of a combination of market comparable land sales and the underlying land productivity. For underwriting purposes, we ask you to provide historical yields, management practices, soil tests, and financial statements.

No, Fractal does not take possession of the title. Fractal puts a secondary position on a minority portion of the field. This position gives Fractal the rights to the future appraised value of that portion of the field. At the end of the term, you can choose to buy out the Fractal position, sell the field, or extend into another Fractal 10-year contract.

By co-investing in your land, Fractal shares in the appreciation and depreciation of your land. We are betting that your land will appreciate, while exposing ourselves to the risk of depreciation. As a minority investor in your land, we align our incentives to share in your success while providing you with the majority of the appreciation upside in your land.

Fractal will not tell you how to farm. We recognize that you know your fields best and can farm them much better than an investor ever could. By co-investing in your land, Fractal is investing in your long-term success.

You can exit the contract at any point after two years. To remove Fractal’s position on your field, you can buy-out Fractal for the current appraised value of the land or take the field to an open-market sale.

You have the option to buy out Fractal’s position or rollover the investment with another Fractal investor for another 10-year term.

The contract on the land will go with the estate. If the land is sold, then the Fractal position is closed at the time of sale. If the land is passed to the estate and next generation, the contract will be continued with the next generation. They will have all the options of the original contract holder.

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