HOW does equity capital help you access more DEBT? 

Debt is an important tool in a farmer’s financial toolbox. But did you know using debt with equity capital can jumpstart your growth? Learn how debt and equity can work together to grow your business, how they differ, and when they make the most sense.


What is Farmland Equity Capital?

Dig into equity capital and how you can use it to unlock the equity you have in your land and access the capital you need to finance growth.


Why You Should Rethink Your Land Buying Playbook

We sat down with Shay Foulk, an ag business consultant who hosts the Ag View Pitch Podcast, to discuss the challenges facing farmers trying to secure their land base in an increasingly competitive market.


Fractal Launches Investment Platform 

Fractal, a US-based company, is launching a first-of-its-kind farmland equity financing platform to help solve a key gap in farm financing. Unlike traditional investors that compete with farmers for land and lease it back to them, Fractal invests alongside farmers by taking passive, minority stakes in land farmers’ own.


Can you afford to buy that must-have farm?

Have you seen a must-have farm come up for sale only to wonder, “Can I afford it?” Knowing what you can afford today is key to making sure you’re ready for the next time land comes up.

Working with your banker, here are three questions you’ll need to answer before entering a purchase agreement.


When should you chase after a land deal?

Do you farm to support your land addiction? If so, this is not an intervention. While there are a lot of good reasons to buy land, not every parcel is created equal. With land prices sky-rocketing and more and more land coming for sale, it’s important to be disciplined and know what’s worth chasing after. 


Are you prepared to buy the must-have farm?

We’ve all received that call from one of our landlords: “We’re selling, would you be interested in buying us out?” For many farmers, this call can either be the biggest opportunity or the biggest “oh shoot” moment of the year.


How much land should you be ready to buy this year?

We’ve all heard the saying, “If you ain’t growing, you’re dying.” As your neighbors only get bigger, we’ve all felt pressure to farm more acres. While it may be tempting to pounce on every opportunity, it’s crucial to carefully assess your land acquisition strategy.


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